9″ Hollow Block Insulation

  1. Q. What is a Cavity Block?
  2. Q. What are the difference between a Cavity Wall and a Cavity Block Wall?
  3. Q. How popular is Wall Insulation?
  4. Q. How can Shannon Insulations  Insulate Cavity Blocks?
  5. Q. Will Insulation eliminate Mildew and Mould and Condensation?
  6. Q. Will my Home be Warmer?
  7. Q. How do I know the Blocks are all Filled?

Cavity blocks

Q. What is a Cavity Block?

  • Cavity Blocks, is a block which has a cavity inbuild into its construction sometimes called 9″ inch Hollow Blocks, they are often used for the construction of  Houses and are very common in the Dublin Area.  Picture shows a Cavity block.
  • Q. What are the difference between a Cavity Wall and a Cavity Block Wall?
  • A Cavity Wall is constructed by means of Building two Walls parallel to each with Solid Blocks and leaving a cavity of approx 3-4 inches between them. A Cavity Block Wall is constructed by building a one Wall using these Hollow Blocks (as above) and placing them on top of each other in a staggered manner.

Q. How popular is Wall Insulation?

  • Wall Insulation is very popular as it is a regulation in the construction of All houses. Wall Insulation retains heat within the house (up to 35%) . Specific U-Values have to be achieved to ensure adequate thermal Insulation. In the recent past houses that have been constructed with little or no insulation have proved ineffective in retaining heat and increasing heating bills.

Insulating increases the thermal value of your home

Q. How can You Insulate Cavity Blocks?

  • In theory if one could look down from the top of a Cavity block Wall you would have empty Columns. By Drilling small 18mm holes into each Column and injecting Aerolite Foam, these columns can be successfully filled with high density Foam Insulation. Greatly enhancing the thermal value of the External Walls and saving you on heating.

Q. Will Insulation eliminate Mildew, Mould and condensation ?

  •  Normally condensation on Inner Wall is created by warm air meeting a cold surface, A insulated wall can reduce mildew and condensation problems by up to 80%. However with increased Airtightness the ventilation would have to be checked.

Insulating your home

Q. Will my House be Warmer?

  • Any home insulated will be warmer in Winter as it retains the heat generated by your heating. This can be tested when your heating is switched off.
  • A Cavity block home will retain 76% of the heat previously lost through the walls and will greatly improve  the comfort levels and reduce your heating bill.

Q. How do I know if the Cavity Blocks are all Filled?

  • The Foam is injected and will be pushed like shaving foam through all the cavities at (70 p.s.i) 

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